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Do Good Work: Justine Curtis

It took a Tibetan monk who she met while travelling in India to inspire Inspired Adventures’ founder and CEO Justine Curtis to find a way to work to assist the fundraising sector.

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Business Award finalist inspires global adventures

Ten years ago marketing powerhouse Justine Curtis took a year off to help Tibetan refugees in India start a new life, and since then has raised almost $5 million for some of Australia’s most inspirational charities.

After more than a decade working in the corporate sector, Justine left her job, went travelling and found herself living near the home of the Dalai Lama in northern India, teaching English to newly resettled refugees.

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A truly inspiring adventure

Little did Justine Curtis know when she made her journey to India she would discover the reward of selflessly giving to others. Now her business Inspired Adventures helps others discover that joy and since 2004 has helped raise $19.7 million for charities working all over the world.

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48 Reasons to Travel – Reason 40: Because your travel can make a difference


Travel is life-changing. But what if you could positively change the lives of others while you travelled? Aptly named Inspired Adventures is a fundraising agency that inspires travellers to do just that.

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What I’ve Learned: Justine Curtis, Inspired Adventures

Philanthropist Justine Curtis started fundraising agency Inspired Adventures after a year travelling through India and Tibet.

Justine Curtis is the founder and CEO of Inspired Adventures, that has raised over $15 million for charities since it began in 2004. The holidaying individuals get fit and raise funds for causes they are passionate about.

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The Rise and Rise of Adventure-based Fundraising

Combining adventure travel with charity fundraising is rapidly rising in popularity, as freelance journalist Sue Vittori discovered at the Fundraising Institute Australia’s recent Melbourne conference.

As far as epiphanies go, the one Justine Curtis experienced at the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro in 2004 was a personal revelation that continues to deliver huge benefits for Australian charities – and their most adventurous supporters.

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Justine Curtis: Being the change she wants to see in the world

Justine Curtis started Inspired Adventures, a company she created to give ordinary people, just like her, the opportunity to something extraordinary and achieve transformation through experience. Justine has certainly achieved something extraordinary and truly transformative through her business Inspired Adventures. This year she is celebrating her 10th year in business and in that time her company has raised $14 million for charity through its adventure trek challenges, charity marathon runs, mountain climbs and charity rides.

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Awards for Inspired Adventures’ Justine Curtis

The founder and CEO of Inspired Adventures, Justine Curtis, has won a Telstra Business Women’s Award and a Gold Stevie, Liz Henderson reveals.

Justine Curtis, the founder and chief executive officer of Inspired Adventures, has won a Telstra Business Women’s Award for Business Owner NSW after being named a finalist in two categories. The awards celebrate brilliant business women in Australia. “I was humbled to have received a nomination,” Curtis said. “To become a finalist and eventually win an award was an honour.”

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Cycling through the backroads of Cambodia with Inspired Adventures

WHEN Australia won the America’s Cup in 1983, an ad was released featuring the phrase: “They said you’d never make it.”

Those words, along with “think of the kilos”, became my mantra. One can find strength and determination when aiming to prove others wrong. It began when I signed up for a 300km bicycle ride through Cambodia and Vietnam – a “Live Laugh Ride” charity ride for Camp Quality organised by Inspired Adventures.

“You’re doing what, and you’ll ride how far?” was the response from friends. Galvanised by their doubt, I began training.

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With Justine Curtis – Founder & CEO of Inspired Adventures

During June and July we are focussing on how to find meaning and purpose in our life and work. In light of this, I decided to interview a number of inspiring people from different walks of life to seek their views on how to live a meaningful and purposeful life.

Today I am excited to feature Justine Curtis, the founder and CEO of Inspired Adventures. I loved reading Justine’s views on meaning and purpose, and hope that you will enjoy reading them too.

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The inspired adventurer

“He led me around the corner to a tiny apartment and we went in the room and before me was a tiny, very elderly man and he was surrounded by so much light, you just felt his energy. (I’ve met his holiness Dalai Lama before and it was a similar feeling).”

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Changing the world through travel

Justine Curtis started Inspired Adventures to give everybody the opportunity to do something extraordinary and achieve transformation through experience. Justine talks to Grace Bowe about celebrating her 10th year in business and, in that time, raising $14 million for charity through adventure trek challenges, charity marathon runs, mountain climbs and charity rides.