Photo by Jo Howell

As part of our blog series on responsible travel, we’re sharing with you the ways we practice our ethos of ethical travel. Respecting and appreciating the assistance and efforts of our on-ground crew and in particular our local porters is part of this holistic approach.

A successful adventure is only made possible with the collaborative work of a whole team of people, both from behind the scenes and on the ground. On some of our big trekking adventures – namely Mount Kilimanjaro, the Inca Trail and Everest Base Camp – porters are a particularly crucial part of this crew.

Here at Inspired Adventures, we strive to ensure that all the porters involved on our adventures are treated with the utmost respect. As outlined in our own Porter Protection Policy (link), we do this by only working with partner travel companies and ground operators who comply with proper work guidelines and have the appropriate procedures in place to ensure fair treatment of their staff. 

This includes ensuring they adhere to following the practices below:

– Only employing crew members in good physical health and above the age of 18 years.

– Ensuring porters are supplied with the appropriate clothing and equipment for their role.

– Adhering to load limits and crew-to-client ratios.

– Providing sufficient sleeping quarters and regular meals.

– Paying the crew at least the minimum wage and ensuring the fair and equitable distribution of tips.

– Providing medical insurance and accident coverage where appropriate.

All Team Leaders are trained to identify any signs of mistreatment when it comes to their trekking crew. In addition to this, all our adventurers are briefed prior to their challenge on how to interact with the porters and on-ground crew in line with the values of our porter protection policy.

Being a responsible traveller means valuing respect and equity, and treating your porters like part of the family.

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