We spend most of our week at work, so why not get your desk buddy and colleagues and even your boss, on board with your fundraising efforts?

Christmas morning tea

Cupcakes in the break room, you say? It’s no secret that everybody gets a bit excited when there’s food up for grabs at work so you can’t go wrong with a food-based fundraiser. Host a Christmas morning tea, organising some delicious treats for everyone to enjoy and ask for a small donation in return.

You could stick to traditional Christmas foods like glazed ham sandwiches, rum balls, gingerbread cookies, fruit cakes and pudding or instead, ask everyone to bring along their favourite Christmas time dish along with a donation. Nothing brings people together like food!

Matching gifts

Christmas is the perfect time to ask your workplace for a demonstration of their generosity by asking if they will match the donations made by your donors. Large corporations may already have a dollar matching program set up so this means they will double the funds you raise, allowing you to have twice the impact.

Christmas Bonus

Some workplaces often give their coworkers a small Christmas or End of Year bonus. See if your colleagues will donate part of their bonus to your cause. Or, consider asking if they would kindly set aside the last hour of their pay in 2019.

Dress-up day

A dress-up fundraiser is always a great way to get people involved. A Christmas-theme dress-up could include costumes such as Santa, elves and reindeer or you might like to ask everyone to coordinate their outfits to incorporate the traditional Christmas colours of red and green. Not only is this a creative way to help you reach your fundraising goal but at the same time, will help get everyone into the Christmas spirit. 

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