With Christmas less than two months away, it’s a great time to take your fundraising efforts to new heights. Get others on board with your incredible cause and at the same time, encourage some Christmas cheer. Try these ideas to get a little festive with your fundraising.

Market Stall

Rent a stall at your local markets or outside your nearest shopping complex and sell off a variety of goods. You can make the store your own and sell a variety of homemade items but be sure to increase profits by lowering expenses and increasing sales. You might run a bake sale with some delicious Christmas treats; rum balls, fruit cakes, shortbread biscuits and Christmas cookies and puddings.

Another hands-on option is a craft stall. Ask a group of volunteers to collect unused and unwanted Christmas decorations from the local community to resell at your stall. If you’re interested in getting crafty with the kids, you can even create your own. All you’ll need is some plain coloured baubles, glue and LOTS of glitter. Charge per bauble to have them personalised or buy a whole stack of glitter glue pens and let your customers decorate their own. Try these websites for some inspiration:





You could also create handmade Christmas cards to sell. 



Donations instead of gifts

It’s the season of giving so ask your family and friends to kindly make a donation to your page as a form of gift-giving this Christmas.

Santa pictures

A Santa photo fundraiser is a fun and festive way to make money for your cause! Pick a location for your photos and organise a DIY Christmas backdrop. Find a good camera and a volunteer to dress as Santa for the photos. Make your fundraiser stand out and consider offering pet photos too!

You can find out more about how to host a Santa Photo fundraiser here.

Christmas Raffles

A raffle is a simple yet effective fundraising idea. Approach local businesses for donated items to create a hamper of indulgent treats. These might include shortbread biscuits, cinema vouchers, cheeses, chutneys, salted nuts, chocolates, wine and champagne. Sell your raffle tickets online, face to face, around your workplace or at a market stall near your local shopping centre.

With summertime on its way, you could also organise a barbecue-themed raffle too. Fill it with items such as tongs, apron, sandalwood incense sticks or mosquito coils, BBQ marinades, reusable kebab sticks, beer, relish or chutneys.

Xmas lights

If you’re someone who enjoys decorating your house during Christmas, you might like to place a bucket asking for donations for those who stop to admire your efforts.

Find the Lucky Stocking

Want to do something a little different? Why not sell squares for a Christmas themed lucky square game? There are 100 numbered squares with stockings to sell. People buy a square with a (hopefully lucky) stocking and write their name in the square. Select the winning stockings through a random number generator and announce your prize winner once all squares are sold.

Try selling squares for around $10 each. Award $250 to the winner, $100 to the runner up and $50 to third place and you will have $600 remaining for your charity.

You can read more about how to organise the game here.

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