Meet Kinga Roman, equal parts inspirational adventurer and hilarious storyteller. To introduce a new “meet the team” blog series, we had to start with Kinga who first joined Inspired Adventures as a participant on a Vietnam trek way back in 2009. Since then, she’s become integral part of the team, one of the most familiar faces of our 20+ team leaders, and has led adventures all around the globe.

How did you get started leading Inspired Adventures?

Back in 2009 I was working as an exercise physiologist for the Cerebral Palsy Alliance, who back then decided to team up with Inspired Adventures to raise some much needed funds. Being an avid traveller and working for a cause I believed in, it didn’t take much to twist my arm to sign up for the trip. We travelled to Northern Vietnam, climbed Mt Fansipan, did some trekking through the rice fields of Sapa and volunteered in a centre for kids with disabilities. I loved every second of it and talked the ear off our Inspired leader. Before the trip was over she asked if I’d be willing to volunteer as a leader with Inspired Adventures and it’s safe to safe I almost fell off my chair when she asked. I said yes in a heartbeat and that decision has been the catalyst for so much positive change in my life and amazing experiences.

Kinga mountains
Kinga CHina

Do you have a dayjob?

Currently I am finishing up my Certificate 4 in Outdoor Recreation and other than that I am a kinesiologist. I plan to combine my love of travel with the healing powers of nature and kinesiology and start my own business of transformational journeys.

What’s your #1 tip for people about to go on an adventure?

Be open to the unexpected and just go with the flow. Being adaptable is one of the best qualities one can have if you want to enjoy life and make the most of your experiences.

Kinga Camino
Kinga Larapinta

Any funny stories from the road you can share?

Too many to name but toilet mishaps are always a laugh!

My first time in Vietnam, when I was a participant on my first Inspired Adventures trip, I accidentally swallowed some tap water (don’t do it!!!) brushing my teeth at night. The following morning the worst abdominal pain I’ve ever felt woke me at about 4am. I had to scramble over 4 sleeping bodies, contort myself to climb down a ladder from the alcove I was sleeping in, tip toe across a hall, go down several stairs, follow a path descending to the toilets then climb down another few steps before finally getting to the loo. I didn’t make it that far though..….I was literally ONE step away from the toilet door. I wouldn’t recommend the experience to anyone, however,  after the fact is hilarious!

Can you narrow your travel memories and moments down to a favourite?

Impossible! I’ve been travelling since I was 18 months old. Trying to name just one moment as a favourite feels like a betrayal to all the phenomenal experiences I’ve been blessed to have had.

Kinga EBC
Kinga Cambodia

Tell us something unexpected about yourself.

I was SUPER shy as a child/adolescent. If you told me before I was 21 that this is what I’d be doing willingly and LOVING it, I’d have told you you were crazy! (That’s even if I would have had the courage to speak to you.)

What’s your favourite part of leading Inspired Adventures?

I obviously love experiencing new places especially in nature, but without a doubt the highlights are always the people I meet. The connections formed and souls encountered are priceless! I’ve made many lifelong friends from my travels that I’m so grateful for.

Rapid fire round:

Window or aisle? Aisle (better yet emergency row – I’m tall!)
Ocean or mountain? Mountain
You get one superpower, it’s: Teleportation
Next up on your bucket list: Peru
Wouldn’t leave home without: Camera

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