The local Australian and New Zealand B Corp community is made up of innovative businesses taking interesting approaches to products, media, and even superannuation funds.

Read below for more about some of our favourite local B Corps.

Dumbo Feather

Dumbo Feather is always serving up a healthy dose of inspiration via their magazine and podcast through conversations with extraordinary people.

Image Source: Dumbo Feather

Keep Cup

We love coffee and we hate single-use waste. Don’t leave home without one.

Image Source: Hello Green

Australian Ethical

Don’t want the money you’re socking away for retirement invested in new coal mines or live animal export? Australian Ethical makes sure your superannuation is invested in companies that have a positive impact on the planet, people and animals.

Image Source: Australian Ethical Super


Koskela is a gorgeous design warehouse in Sydney selling Australian-made and ethically produced homewares, furniture, lighting and art. A fantastic place for gift shopping or to fit out your home or office.

Image Source: Koskela

Who Gives A Crap

Everyone needs TP! This one is made from recycle paper, comes in plastic free packaging and Who Gives A Crap donates 50% of their profits to charity. How good is that?

Image Source: Who Gives A Crap

School of Life

The School of Life in Sydney (with resources available online too) offers courses and events that address issues such as how to find fulfilling work, how to master the art of relationships, and how to change the world.

Image Source: The School of Life

Thread Harvest

Ethical fashion doesn’t mean you should sacrifice style for substance. Thread Harvest is an online marketplace that sources beautiful clothing, jewellery and gifts that are ethical and sustainable.

Image Source: Thread Harvest