With Valentine’s Day approaching, our Fundraising Team has compiled some quick and easy love-inspired ideas you can incorporate into your fundraising

Say it With Flowers: Partner with your local florist and receive a portion of the proceeds to hold a flower run with custom made cards noting the cause being supported by each gifted flower. OR, head to the markets and purchase single stem roses that you can sell for $5 at your school, workplace, community hall.

Plant a Tree in Someone’s Name: In the face of recent bushfires, regenerating the Australian bush is more necessary than ever. Take this opportunity to plant a seed for each donation to your charity. Lovers can let their partners know that they have planted a tree in their name and supported a great cause.

Valentine’s day raffle: Hold a raffle and draw it on Valentine’s day. The prizes could include wines, chocolate boxes, a hamper or accommodation for a romantic getaway (can you think of any friends with a holiday home you can borrow for a weekend away?).

Donations instead of gifts: Ask your friends or partner to donate to the cause in lieu of gifts this Valentine’s Day.

Self-love, yoga: Make Valentine’s day a day for self-love with a pay-what-you-wish yoga workshop in the park or at your local studio.

Valentine’s bake sale: Get baking some chocolate coated fruit or heart-shaped treats to sell at school, work or your local markets. You can also partner with your local bakery to design a special cookie/cupcake, with your cause receiving a portion of the profits for each sale.

Babysit the Kids: If you know any teenagers or have some of your own, ask them to babysit for friends or neighbours on Valentine’s Day, donating their payments to your nonprofit in an act of kindness.

Hand-made cards: Have your most talented friend hand letter Valentine’s cards on cardstock and sell them as a fundraiser.

Speed dating: Organise a night of speed dating for singles. Funds are raised through entrance tickets.

Rom-com trivia: Get your friends together and hold a trivia night with questions around all of your favourite romantic movies, songs, destinations, events.

Movie night: For a donation, gather your friends with wine and cheese to watch all the classics in one love-filled movie marathon. Films can include Bridget Jones Diary, Harry Met Sally, Love Actually and the list goes on! For the singles out there, collect your girlfriends and negotiate a reduced rate with your local cinema to see the newly released Bombshell.

Wine tasting: Secure donated wines and hold a night of wine tasting and canapes at your home or a local cafe that would normally not be open as a night time venue.

Tinder: If they’ve swiped right, ask them to swipe their credit card by including a link to your page in your Tinder bio.

Valentine’s Day Fancy Dress: Get your colleagues to don pink or hearts and donate a gold coin in the name of love.. and philanthropy.

Moving On: Donate or auction off gifts and jewellery from an ex-partner no longer in your life.

Wall of love: Have people donate to write a love message to their friends/family/partner in your store, at school or at work.

Get as creative as you can! If you love any of these ideas or need assistance with your own event, please get in touch so that we can workshop the next steps.

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