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The Trek for Kindness is a truly life-changing adventure – for you and the animals at Edgar’s Mission sanctuary

“Incredible, local, authentic, and life changing.” – Sonia, 2018 Trek for
Kindess participant.

The Trek for Kindness is a remarkable adventure into the heart of Northern Thailand with a team of passionate Edgar’s Mission supporters. It’s a ten-day adventure, with five days trekking, two days at an elephant sanctuary, and time to soak in all that Chiang Mai, Thailand has to offer. You’ll challenge yourself as you hike through tea plantations, under palm tree canopies, past sparkling waterfalls and into remote villages. You’ll spend two unforgettable days in the Elephant Nature Park, staying overnight in a mosquito-netted bamboo hut, as elephant herds wander outside your window. It’s completely vegan and led by expert Thai and Australian guides.

It’s the adventure of a lifetime and –best of all – will make huge difference to the rescued animals relying on the care and compassion of Edgar’s Mission.

Edgar’s Mission believes in a world of kindness and compassion for all, including animals. Just like the cats and dogs who many of us choose to invite into our families, farmed animals share similar intelligence and emotional capacity. They experience joy, create strong bonds and fear for their lives—farmed animals are in fact invested in their own wellbeing.

Chickens, sheep, pigs, goats, cows…all these and more have found a chance at the happy and long lives they deserve with Edgar’s Mission. Over 450 animal residents live at the sanctuary, many arriving with urgent treatment needs because of injury or neglect.

One of our residents, Charity Sheep, was born with three deformed cloven hooves and so needs to wear prosthetics to have the freedom of movement that makes her life worth living. Max, an ageing pig, has increasing needs as an animal selectively bred to grow big and fast. While Gloria Goat, prior to her rescue, sustained severe injuries to her face from a predator attack. As a result, she has had facial reconstruction surgery and requires regular check-ups.

In all of these cases, Edgar’s Mission has gone beyond what’s commonplace for farmed animals and provided the care they truly deserve. This is what we do day-by-day, and it’s only through the generosity of our supporters that we can provide these animals with the compassion all beings should be shown.

The vet bill alone to take care of our animal residents was nearly $250,000 last year. Edgar’s Mission receives no government funding and is purely powered by the compassion and donations of individuals. The money you raise by participating in the trek means everything; we couldn’t do what we do without you.


17 - 26 April 2020


10 Day Trip
5 Day Challenge


Simple hotels, Nature Park huts, homestays


Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable)
Travel quote: $2,699
Fundraising Target: $3,500

icon-difficulty 3/5

Moderate difficulty

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