Reach Greater Heights Everest Base Camp

As part of Reach Greater Heights Everest Base Camp Challenge you will trek to the gateway to the highest peak in the world—Mount Everest.

On this adventure, you will first discover the sensory overload that is Kathmandu—Nepal’s bustling capital city. Fill your senses with the sights, sounds and smells of a city simultaneously hurtling towards modernity while stoically maintaining its traditional religious and cultural uniqueness.

Moving beyond city limits, you will then trek for 11 days through alpine meadow, into birch and rhododendron forest, across rivers and along narrow mule tracks between snow-capped mountains. Together with a team of local guides and Sherpas, you will discover the majesty and mysticism of the Himalayas by day, and fall asleep in traditional lodges and guesthouses in remote Nepalese villages at night.

Imagine the sense of accomplishment of standing in the shadow to Mount Everest knowing every step you’ve taken has raised vital funds to support Fusion.

Once you’ve finished the massive climb to Everest Base Camp, you’ll also have the opportunity to meet up with Fusion’s team in Nepal to take part in the Open Crowd Festival and connect with children on the outskirts of Kathmandu. As part of this project visit with Fusion Nepal you’ll be involved in a range of fun activities, including balloon sculpturing, face painting, tug of war, water balloon volleyball and many more games with the local children.

Reach Greater Heights Everest Base Camp

This challenge will raise funds to help local young people reach greater heights. Half of the funds raised in this challenge will go to local centres to enable them to help more young people in need, while the other half will go towards resourcing Fusion’s work nationally.

Many young people are doing it tough. One in four young people will experience a mental health condition this year. Emotional and Social poverty are on the rise. Unfortunately so many young people fall through the cracks. For many of them the only hope is someone who sees their potential when everyone else has given up. In 15 locations around Australia Fusion is reaching out to young people like this.

Fusion is working in schools, running community programs and strategically located outreaches that are reaching out to young people in need of hope. Fusion works to build connection, life skills and resilience so that such young people are better placed to create the futures they dream of.

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