Take steps towards better health outcomes for Australians affected by kidney disease

Winding its way across the north of China, from the Yellow Sea to the Gobi Desert, the Great Wall of China is one of mankind’s most impressive accomplishments. As part of this adventure, you’ll travel through history to the very heart of China’s ancient culture.

Over five days, you’ll trek between mist-covered mountains, into local villages, across rolling farmlands and through dense forest. With the support of our expert guides, you’ll explore the many facets of the Great Wall, deciphering the ancient stories and poems etched into its watchtowers—every brick seeming to tell a story of war and adventure.

Swapping the majesty of the Great Wall for the hustle and bustle of Beijing, from the first day of this adventure, you’re immediately immersed in China’s confounding and contrasting culture. Discover the ancient history of the Forbidden City and the Temple of Heaven, experience the poignancy of Tiananmen Square and marvel at the modernity of the 798 Art District.

Take steps towards better health outcomes for Australians affected by kidney disease

Every step you take along the Great Wall of China is one step towards better health outcomes for Australians affected by kidney disease, who cannot take on such an adventure.

You will raise funds for cutting-edge research, and support Kidney Health Australia health programs and services, including:

  • Kidney Health Transplant Housing Furnished accommodation for families before, during and after a kidney transplant
  • Kidney Kids Camp Holiday camps for children affected by kidney disease, and their siblings
  • Big Red Kidney Bus Providing access to dialysis in previously inaccessible holiday destinations
  • Kids Capers Activity programs for school-aged children with kidney disease, their families and carers
  • Young Adults Camp Life skills camp for young people transitioning into greater responsibilities managing their kidney disease
  • Kidney Campervan Fitted with dialysis machines, providing the opportunity to have a family holiday

With your support, Kidney Health Australia can advocate for the rights and needs of Australians affected by kidney disease regarding travel, insurance and accommodation expenses, and produce travel fact sheets and online resources for those affected and their families.



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