With stunning Himalayan views, high passes, traditional teahouses, tiny hamlets, prayer flags and hot springs, the Annapurna region is among the best trekking destinations in the world. And as part of the Trek to Defeat Leprosy, you will experience it all.

Beginning in Kathmandu, you will discover the history and culture of Nepal’s colourful and chaotic capital city, before embarking on the adventure-of-a-lifetime.

Through terraced rice fields, across clear mountain rivers and into dense rhododendron forest, you will follow narrow paths between some of the highest mountain peaks in the world. As part of this adventure, you will spend seven days trekking the Annapurna region by day, and spend your nights under the stars or in traditional tea lodges.

Trek Annapurna and have a life-transforming experience for you and people affected by leprosy.

Funds raised in this challenge will go towards the PACED CHAMP project. This project works in a participatory way to improve the social, material and health-related well-being of people affected by leprosy and disability, as well as other marginalised people, from selected communities in the Chitwan, Makwanpur and Parsa districts of Nepal.

Your funds will also provide health education, increase awareness about leprosy, micro-finance small businesses, develop local communities, and help construct toilets and clean water facilities.

$30 will buy someone affected by leprosy a Self Care Pack. A daily self-care routine is essential for people managing the effects of leprosy. You can provide a pack of necessities to cleanse and protect them each and every day.

$50 will buy someone affected by leprosy a goat. One goat provides much needed milk and cheese for a family. With two or more goats and training in animal husbandry, a family can have a sustainable income.

$150 will help someone affected by leprosy start a small business. The income generated by kick-starting a small business will lead to further opportunity, independence and dignity for a person affected by leprosy.

$1,000 will help fund a self-care education workshop, providing people affected by leprosy the necessary training to manage their chronic condition and prevent further complications.

$2,000 will help educate communities about leprosy and dispel the myths that sustain stigma against people affected by leprosy.

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