This amazing 10-day adventure begins in Florence, where you’ll then journey to the heart of Tuscany, Italy.

Hiking over five days across scenic undulating hills and woodland, you will challenge yourself in ways you never thought possible, all whilst experiencing the breathtaking beauty of the Tuscan countryside.

Travelling along the Via Francigena, an ancient road and pilgrim route that runs from France to Rome, you will witness a range of mesmerising towns, from the hilltop town of Monteriggioni to two impressive UNESCO World Heritage sites.

From the breathtaking town of San Gimignano with its medieval towers to the magnificent Siena, a historical, artistic, cultural and gastronomic gem, you will experience it all.

Your adventure comes to an end with a half-day sightseeing tour of Siena, where you will visit medieval monuments filled with collections of Sienese art, the Piazza del Campo and Museo Civico, Siena’s most famous museum.

Our mission is to provide sanctuaries to nurture those facing the challenges of dealing with breast cancer.

• $50 provides one night for a woman and her family at an OTIS breast cancer retreat

• $150 provides a weekend stay

• $350 will enable a family to create special memories together at a week-long getaway

• $3,500 will enable The OTIS Foundation to cover the cost of providing 10 weeks worth of stays (70 nights)

• $5,000 will cover the cost of providing an OTIS retreat for 12 months

The OTIS Foundation’s Tuscan Adventure aims to raise $100,000 – to cover 2,000 nights at no cost to women dealing with breast cancer.


Dates:1 September – 10 September 2018

Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable)

Fundraising target: $3,500 (excludes travel)

Travel quote: $3,150*, including taxes (excludes flights)

Trip duration: 10 days

Challenge duration: 5 days

Accommodation: 3 star hotels and guesthouses

Minimum age: 18 (younger ages considered on application)

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