Interplast Australia & New Zealand is a not-for-profit organisation that exists to repair bodies and rebuild lives across the Asia Pacific region by providing free reconstructive surgery to disadvantaged patients.

This adventure will see a team of supporters take on the Inca Trail with inspirational Interplast ambassador Turia Pitt.

Over 4 days the team will trek this legendary route in an effort to raise funds for Interplast to continue its critical work.

My name is Turia Pitt and in September 2011, 65 per cent of my body was burned as a result of a grass fire during the Kimberley Ultramarathon.

It has been a long, cruel journey to get to where I am today, but I consider myself lucky. We live in one of the best countries in the world, and our standards of medical care are extraordinarily high. It’s something we think little about and often take for granted until we really need it.

My reconstructive surgeon, Professor Peter Haertsch, has volunteered for Interplast every single year for the past two decades! To me, the Interplast volunteers are miracle workers—they donate their time and expertise to people who really need it in developing countries.

I was fortunate enough to travel with Interplast on a humanitarian mission in 2014. On this trip I met a farmer, Chezong, who had burns on the back of his legs and who had severe contractures, a tightening of the skin after third degree burns.

He couldn’t stand and he couldn’t walk—meaning he couldn’t work or provide for his family of six. After the Interplast team operated on him, his legs were straight for the first time in five years! Now Chezong is walking around and back at work.

It’s examples like these that illustrate why I’m so passionate about Interplast. The work that they do is 100 per cent life-changing.

That’s why I’m trekking the Inca Trail to raise vital funds for Interplast. All the money we raise will go towards the work of this incredible organisation, and empower people across the Asia Pacific region to rebuild their lives.

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