Trek Mount Kilimanjaro for UNICEF

Mount Kilimanjaro is one of the most majestic sights on the African continent, and for a good reason. It’s also one of the highest volcanoes and tallest freestanding mountain on Earth. To stand at its snow-capped peak will make you feel like you’re on top of the world. And, on this awe-inspiring 12-day challenge you will experience it all.

From lush farmlands and rainforests, through mountainous meadows and across a barren lunar-like landscape, you’ll gaze out upon the East African plains that stretch before your eyes. It’s a challenge like no other.

Best of all, with every step you take to the summit, you’ll help UNICEF work towards ensuring every child has the right to safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene practices.

“Good health, clean water and nutritious food are a child’s right.” – Article 19, Convention on the Rights of the Child, 1989

Yet millions of children around the world have no choice but to drink unclean water and face illness, exhaustion – even death. Tragically, as a result, over 800 children die from preventable diseases caused by poor water, and a lack of sanitation and hygiene every day.

There is a solution though! Child mortality could be prevented or treated with simple and affordable interventions. This is why we ask you to join UNICEF’s Kilimanjaro Climb for Kids and help give a child a fair chance at life.

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro for UNICEF

As part of the Kilimanjaro Climb for Kids, you will directly help fund programs that provide clean water, education facilities, health support and vaccinations to children who need it most:

• $80 can provide 10,000 water purification tablets to help stop the spread of deadly waterborne diseases

• $157 can buy a family hygiene kit to protect a family from illness even in the most difficult situations

• $494 can buy a water pump for a remote village giving them access to clean drinking water

Safe water, adequate sanitation and good hygiene practices are essential for young children to survive and thrive—to be healthy and flourish both physically and mentally. When provided together, these basic rights significantly reduce health risks for young children and their families.

With your support, UNICEF can continue to improve children’s health and lower the risk of preventable diseases.

Trek Mount Kilimanjaro for UNICEF

Dates: 17 – 25 August 2017

Registration fee: $770 (non-refundable)

Fundraising target: $4,000 (excludes travel)

Travel cost: $4,999* excluding flights

Trip duration: 9 days

Challenge duration: 7 days

Accommodation: Twin-share in 3 star hotels and comfortable camping

Minimum age: 18 (younger ages considered on application)

*Subject to change

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