Cycle vibrant Vietnam with UNICEF’s Cycle for Kids 2017

Every year, around 3 million children die due to undernutrition. For millions more, chronic malnutrition will result in stunting – an irreversible condition that literally stunts the physical and cognitive growth of children.

By taking part in UNICEF’s Vietnam Cycle for Kids, you can give them a chance at survival.

Bustling, vibrant and eclectic, Vietnam is a true feast for the senses, and on this amazing cycling adventure, you’ll experience the best of what this compelling country has to offer.

Your adventure begins in the colourful and chaotic city of Hanoi, delving deep into the country’s unsettled history. A short plane ride then sees us in the city of Hue, where our cycling challenge begins.

Riding beyond the city limits, we cycle along paved roads and rice fields, weaving our way through the hustle and bustle of local markets, before taking the challenging Hai Van Pass head on. After a cooking class in Hoi An, a tour of the history-riddled Quy Nhon and a cruise in Nha Trang, we fly to Ho Chi Minh for some final sightseeing.

Your adventure concludes in Ho Chi Minh City. Stroll the bustling city streets, gaze up at the French colonial buildings and boulevards and experience the commercial chaos that is the Ben Thanh Market.

UNICEF’s Cycle for Kids 2017 will help fulfil every child’s right to good health, clean water and nutritious food.

  • $125 can provide 3,000 micronutrient powder sachets to give a powerful boost of vital vitamins and minerals to an infant’s diet.
  • $296 can provide 500 therapeutic food sachets to bring a child back from severe malnutrition, fast
  • $420 can provide 360 packs of high energy biscuits, these biscuits are easy to distribute and provide a quick solution to improve the level of nutrition
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