The Inspired Learning Program supports young people to become successful learners, confident and creative individuals, and active and informed citizens.

Together with your school, Inspired Adventures and your host charity will develop an adventure that addresses existing classroom curriculum and supports students in the development of essential skills through real-life experiences.

Your program is offered in three phases, typically rolled out over two years:

Phase 1: Learn, prepare and fundraise

The pre-departure phase runs for five months and focuses on educating selected students about the charity, the country they will visit and the purpose of their adventure.

During this phase, students are supported in developing and implementing their fundraising plans and coached to reach their fundraising target.

Phase 2: Experience and reflection

In this phase students will embark on their adventure, accompanied by an Inspired Adventures Team Leader.

A key outcome of this phase is daily facilitated reflection about what the students are experiencing as part of their adventure. Students are encouraged to actively participate in the reflection process, keep a journal of their experiences and discuss what they are expecting of the coming days.

Phase 3: Realise, share and sustain

This phase links three main topics: How have I changed? What can I teach my peers? and How can I offer ongoing support to the people and communities I have visited?

Following their adventure, students will be tasked with leading your school’s continued learning about the community they visited through structured post-adventure activities and promote ongoing philanthropic efforts within your school community.

Program Objectives

  • Immerse students in a new culture and develop them as global citizens
  • Create opportunities for students to grow in their intercultural understanding
  • Promote long-term student, school and community engagement with your host charity through our tailored three phase approach
  • Develop students’ personal and social capabilities through fundraising and in-country experiences
  • Promote the development of skills that will carry through into your students’ overall learning and continued development beyond their education

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