Our Mission

We encourage people to do something extraordinary

We make a difference to incredible causes

We inspire transformation through experience

To inspire ordinary people to do something extraordinary for a cause they are passionate about.

Our Values

  • Leadership
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Social responsibility
  • Innovation
  • Community
  • Sustainability
  • Team spirit and collaboration
  • Respect and humility
  • Initiative

An Inspired journey

In 2001, while travelling through India, I had a chance meeting with Palden Gyatso, a former Tibetan political prisoner.

Imprisoned by the Chinese for over 30 years and tortured daily, Palden had endured so much, yet he retained an inspirational resolve to never give up.

When I asked how I could bring his teachings to the western world, he said, “Do dharma. Do good work. Be it.”

I returned to Australia and founded Inspired Adventures to take people on the journey of a lifetime, physically and emotionally. I wanted to give ordinary people, like me, the opportunity to do good for themselves and for charity; to inspire transformation through experience. I wanted to empower people to push themselves to accomplish things greater than they ever thought possible.

Since our first Inspired Adventure in 2005, we have coordinated over 400 charity challenges across 20 countries, each raising tens of thousands of dollars for worthwhile causes, and engaged more than 5,000 community fundraisers.

From humble, hopeful beginnings, to achieving over $29 million raised, I am in awe of the achievements of our many charity partners and am continually inspired by the generosity and courage of our adventurers.

It is this passion and dedication that heartens and inspires us to reach further and achieve more.

Where will Inspired Adventures take you?

Justine Curtis
Founder and CEO, Inspired Adventures