Responsible Travel

Caring for our adventurers, the communities we visit and the wellbeing of the planet is the heart of everything we do.

We've partnered with Tourism Declares by declaring a climate emergency.


Protecting vulnerable groups

We recognise the vulnerability of certain people in the regions we visit, particularly women, children and minority ethnic groups.

We work with our teams to minimise the risk of negative impact to these groups, including child protection policies, education, training and creating support networks to ensure peoples’ safety.


Supporting local economies

Where possible, money raised from our adventures is directed back to the local community.

We use local suppliers, local restaurants and food providers, and family-owned accommodation or homestays wherever possible to ensure that as much money as possible generated by the adventure remains in the local economy.

We use local tour operators for most of our adventures to ensure more of the money generated by tourism stays in the local community. We also believe using local tour operators and guides provides a richer, more authentic experience for you


Respecting local culture

We share information about local cultures and customs before you travel.

We encourage our travel partners to ensure all goods and services in the country are authentic and local communities are adequately reimbursed.

We believe travel is so much more than being a tourist. So we promote meaningful interactions with local people through authentic experiences such as home stays, cultural events, and educational project visits.

Give Back to the Community

Business with heart

 We recognise the important role we play in promoting responsible travel practices with our travel operators, our participants and our charity partners. We consider this responsibility a privilege and take it very seriously.

We provide our adventurers with accurate, informative materials before, during and after their trip.

We share the accountability for responsible travel practices with our travel operators on jointly run adventures, working together with our partners to maximise our positive impact.


Empathic business conduct

We take all necessary steps to ensure our itineraries minimise negative and maximise positive impacts on the regions and communities we visit.

We regularly screen our travel operators to ensure their practices meet our high standard

We ensure our marketing materials are a respectful and accurate representation of the regions we visit so you can be confident what you see is what you get.


Environmental stability

We look for partners that are also taking action to reduce the negative environmental impacts of their business operations.

We promote less-visited destinations and itineraries to relieve the burden on tourist-congested regions.

We offer adventures close to home throughout Australia and the Pacific to provide travel experiences with a lower carbon footprint.

We encourage our travel operators to choose public transport and other lower-impact transport options wherever possible.

We seek sustainable, recyclable and plastic-free options in everything we do.

We support local conservation efforts of the communities we visit and encourage our partners to do the same.

We operate small group tours of no more than 25 people to maximise the experience for you whilst minimising impacts on the communities we visit. This also allows groups to stay in smaller, independent accommodation and dine in local restaurants.

We have robust Animal Protection Guidelines (see our travel guides for more information).

We use $10 from every booking to purchase carbon offsets to support Carbon Neutral's Yarra Yarra Biodiversity Corridor project, a program that plants trees that will assist in the recovery of ecosystems that have been degraded, damaged or destroyed.


Supporting Carbon Neutral | Turn emissions into trees

Responsible travel guides

We’ve put together these useful guides as free resources for conscious travellers.

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Inspired Adventures commits an unwavering pledge to uphold the welfare of children in the countries we visit, and we are working to stop abuse and exploitation.

Amnesty_2012_Kilimanjaro_participant_Nadia copy


Inspired Travel strives to ensure all porters and crew employed by our partner travel companies are protected and respected with fair working conditions.

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At Inspired Adventures, we believe in protecting and respecting the welfare of all animals.

Council of Australian Tour Operators

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