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MS Research Australia's eager supporters are off to trek K'gari land. Check back for daily updates!

Day 1: Tuesday, 10th May 2022

The first day of our K’gari trek was full of adventure, and many of us have agreed that it feels like we’ve been here a week already! We touched down on the island at roughly 1:30pm, and many of us enjoyed our first ever 4WD experience. We drove straight to Central Station Rainforest and explored its wonderful ecosystem; and through fog, rain & the darkness of the night, it was beautiful from every angle. Although we got home later (and wetter!) than expected, we enjoyed our first team dinner together at the Eurong Beach Resort and hit the sack early to prepare for another adventurous day tomorrow.

Day 2: Wednesday, 11th May 2022

We began our second day with a team breakfast, which was followed by a 4WD to Happy Valley. From here, we walked a cool 8km through the forest to Lake Garawongera; a beautiful fresh Tea Tree water lake! Many of us had a swim or dunked our feet in, and took the opportunity to rub the soft, white sand on our arms to exfoliate with the natural Tea Tree - we felt like we were at a spa!

From here, we headed to Cathedrals on Fraser where our guides, Wayne & Jim, set up a lovely lunch spread for us while we all hit the local cafe for our midday caffeine hit. We then visited the Champagne Pools and experienced them in all of their glory. They were bubbly and frothy - certainly living up to their name. After trying to find a track to Waddy Point, we realised that it would be easier to drive and got there within 20 mins. We climbed to the top and took in the breathtaking views of the island. On our drive home, we stopped at Eli Creek and many of us enjoyed a walk through the fresh running water. We’re headed off for another team dinner soon, and it’s roast night here at Eurong Beach Resort, so we’re happy!

Day 3: Thursday, 12th May 2022

After fuelling our bodies with copious amounts of bacon & eggs for brekkie, we headed back to Central Station Rainforest to begin day three. From here, we took the Pile Valley trail which was an easy, but beautiful 3km. We jumped back into our trusty 4WD at the end of this and headed onto the iconic Lake McKenzie for a swim. As you will see from the images, Margaret, Jodie, Rach & Stacey got the lake handstands down pat on their first try. Lake McKenzie was the highlight of the trip so far for many, and as Margaret said, she could easily have spent the week at this lake!

After we refreshed our bodies on the beach and refuelled with a yummy Nuzest snack bar, we took on our longest walk yet; from the lake, over to Kingfisher Bay! This 17km track took us roughly 3 hours, and through many different terrains - it was SO beautiful! We met Wayne, Jim and another lovely lunch spread on the beach and enjoyed this whilst celebrating Jodie’s 28th birthday with an ice cream cake - happy birthday Jodie!!

Day 4: Friday, 13th May 2022

On day four we began the Great Walk K’gari at Dilli Village. We had multiple pit stops with the blister sisters Lauren & Dani cheering us on at most. The first stop was Lake Boomajiin, which we couldn’t get a great view of due to the torrential rain, but was lovely nonetheless. From here we continued onto Lake Benaroon, then to Lake Birrabeen and back to trusty Central Station Rainforest for an undercover lunch.

It was beautiful to see as much of the Four Lakes as we could, and a lot of us finished off the day with some yoga stretches, a drink, or another dip in the pool to relax our muscles! On our final evening we enjoyed dinner at the hotel restaurant accompanied by a drink or two, and a lovely reflection on what a wonderful trip we’ve all had together.

Day 5: Saturday, 14th May 2022

We were feeling many emotions on our last walk and final day on the beautiful island of K’gari. This morning, we walked from the Hammerstone Lookout to the beach, where our guides met us to take us home. During this walk, we came across the beautiful Lake Wabby, and although the sun wasn’t out, its natural emerald green colour shone through! After hitting the finish line and feeling very accomplished and proud of one another, we jumped back into our 4WD’s for the last time and headed back to Brisbane.

Just before we reached the ferry back to Rainbow Beach, we were greeted by a few Dingo cubs to bid us farewell, as well as a couple of dolphins! It was the perfect goodbye. Again, we reflected on our time together on the final drive home and made our way back to our hotels in Brisbane, or our flights back home. We smashed it, team!

Bye for now...

Congratulations to the team for raising $30,000. Bookmark this page and check back tomorrow for more updates.

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