Achieving over $1.7M Raised

for National Breast Cancer Foundation

Since its inception in 2014, the partnership between the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF) and Inspired Adventures has proven to be a remarkable fundraising success.

NBCF has raised over $1.7 million through their Inspired Adventures fundraising program, and continues to attract passionate supporters who are willing to go the extra mile —both literally and figuratively —for breast cancer research, bringing them ever closer to achieving their long-term goal of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

These adventures have seen over two hundred supporters travel as widely as the Larapinta Trail in the Australian Outback, to the rolling hills of Tuscany in Italy, climb the Great Wall of China, and more.

NBCF’s long-term success shows there are key benefits to establishing and nurturing a long-term charity and fundraising agency partnership. By harnessing the power of this relationship, we have created a platform that inspires NBCF’s supporters to make a difference while taking part in transformative travel experiences.

Thinking about taking the leap into adventure fundraising with your organisation? Here’s what you can expect to achieve from a partnership with Inspired Adventures.

Nation Breast Cancer foundation trekkers at the Great Wall of China

1. Improved Familiarity to Achieve Shared Goals:

NBCF and Inspired Adventures have worked closely over the years to establish a shared vision for an adventure fundraising program. Establishing a long-term partnership has fostered a deep understanding between our organisations, allowing us to align goals and strategies more effectively. Through mutual trust and familiarity, we are able to better anticipate each other's needs, adapt quickly to challenges, and work towards shared objectives.

2. Leveraging Learnings from Previous Campaigns:

From a long-term partnership comes the ability to leverage the insights gained from previous campaigns to maximise fundraising outcomes. NBCF and Inspired Adventures have utilised this advantage by analysing the fundraising outcomes and the feedback from our past adventures. By learning from our successes and failures, we are able to refine our strategies, improve participant experiences, and enhance the overall impact of future campaigns. This process allows for continuous growth and optimisation, resulting in increasingly successful fundraising efforts.

3. Extended Reach and Impact:

Over the years, we have created a strong and recognisable identity for NBCF’s adventure fundraising program. Consistency in messaging, branding, and participant experiences has helped build ongoing awareness among donors, supporters, and participants. With dozens of participants taking on challenges on behalf of NBCF each year, NBCF has been able to consistently increase awareness of their mission, extend their reach, and maximise overall impact. Many NBCF supporters have participated in more than one Inspired Adventure - often excited and ready to commit to their next fundraising adventure thanks to the incredible memories and friends they’ve created through the program.


The partnership between the National Breast Cancer Foundation and Inspired Adventures has exemplified the power of a long-term collaboration. Our enduring partnership serves as an inspiring example for other charitable organisations seeking to optimise their fundraising efforts and make a lasting impact.


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