Outdoor clothing: The art of layering

23 October 2020

Whether you’re hitting the trails, camping under the stars or carving up the slopes, winter is a great time to soak up the plentiful benefits of the great outdoors. To ensure your outdoor pursuits are experienced to their maximum potential, keeping warm and staying comfortable is key, especially if the weather turns grim without warning.

So without further ado, meet your new winter bestie: the famed 3 layer system.


Base layers, otherwise known as thermals, are the articles of clothing that are worn directly against your skin. These layers are essential as they will draw moisture away from your skin, allowing you to move around while still staying warm.

When choosing your base layers, steer clear of cotton as cotton will not dry or absorb your body’s moisture, and instead, leave you feeling cold, clammy and uncomfortable underneath your top layers. Merino wool is a great base layer, as well a plethora of vegan-friendly synthetic fabrics.


The middle layer is your ticket to long lasting warmth! We recommend opting for something that’s breathable and has great insulation properties, such as a wool jumper or a synthetic fleece shirt.

If the temperature is at an all time low, down insulated jackets and vests will be your saviour. What’s more, down clothing is lightweight and a dream to pack!


The outer layer is the protective shell your other layers need to do their job, especially if strong winds take hold and rain-filled clouds looms above.

When choosing a shell, ensure you do your homework as you’ll need something that will properly shield you from natural elements, such as rain and wind. We recommend investing in an outer layer that is high level water and wind resistant, lightweight and comfortable.