How we raised $1 million

in just three months

As a purpose-driven fundraising agency, maximising impact is core to everything that we do. In September 2023, we reached the milestone of $46 million raised since our inception in 2004. Even more impressive, this milestone was reached just three months after our previous milestone of $45 million. And, each of our participants raises an average of $5,400 for their chosen charity. So, how did we do it?

Dedicated fundraising team

Our dedicated team of Fundraising Coordinators are in touch with our participants from the moment they register for an adventure. After welcoming new participants to the team, the next step is to schedule a 30 minute call to create a personalised Fundraising Plan. In this call, the Fundraising Coordinator will find out all about the fundraiser’s lifestyle, interests, and community, and use this information to come up with a plan that is achievable and suits the fundraiser’s passions and time availability. They can also help the fundraiser to set up and manage their fundraising page, encouraging them to begin fundraising soon after signing up, and adding their personal story to the page to help drive donations.

The Fundraising Coordinator will then check in regularly with each participant over the phone or email, to celebrate their fundraising successes, or troubleshoot fundraising obstacles. The ultimate goal is to find opportunities to fit in fundraising to parts of their life that already exist, making the fundraising process as simple as possible and ensuring they are supported every step of the way. 

The majority of our participants are embarking on an adventure like this for the first time, so ensuring they have a go-to person for support through their fundraising experience is crucial. We see this support leads to high engagement and impressive fundraising results.


Fundraising resources

We’ve been in the fundraising industry for almost two decades and in that time, we’ve learned a lot about what works and what doesn’t work when engaging with the community and driving donations. 

When our team isn’t chatting on the phone with participants about their fundraising, they’re sharing various fundraising resources that we have collated and curated over many years.

We provide them with a comprehensive how-to guide, which includes detailed information on best practices in setting up your fundraising page and asking for donations, tactics on how to ask your friends and family for support, and how to approach the media or corporations if they so choose. We also provide a document with 101+ fundraising ideas, to help get the creative juices flowing when they’re planning their fundraising strategy. For several of these fundraising ideas, like holding a community barbecue, a movie night, or social media fundraising, we have dedicated resources outlining the steps to organising these. Between these detailed resources and direct support from the Inspired Adventures team, our average fundraiser blows their fundraising goal out of the water!

Fundraising toolkit mockup

Building community

Many people who sign up for an Inspired Adventure sign up alone, knowing that their teammates will soon become their friends due to a shared experience and passion for the cause. Creating a team spirit from the first moments of registration significantly drives engagement and commitment to fundraising.

A big part of this is done through a shared team Facebook group, which is managed by Inspired Adventures. In these groups, not only can the teams get to know each other, swap ideas for fundraising, and even organise to train together, but they are also being cheered on by their Fundraising Coordinator and celebrating their team fundraising wins together. This is spurred on even further by team Zoom meetings, where the participants meet each other and have the opportunity to ask questions about their upcoming adventure. We have found that being able to put a face to the name of the other people on your team helps motivate these fundraisers to maximise their impact.

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New exciting adventures

Keeping previous participants and current clients coming back for more, makes all the difference in driving new donations. We work with around 80 organisations per year, many of whom have been clients of ours for the last decade or longer. Some of our participants have come back for their second, third, and even fourth adventure, often fundraising for the same cause! We hear consistently how life-changing an Inspired Adventure can be and how good it feels to know you are making a difference

One of the best ways to keep all parties interested in signing on for another Inspired Adventure and make a further impact is through our commitment to creating new exciting itineraries consistently! Our adventures now take place on six continents around the globe and range from overnight weekend hikes to two-week-long mountainous adventures. They include trekking, cycling, kayaking, and multi-challenge adventures, and cover a range of difficulty levels to ensure that there is an adventure and challenge available for all types of supporter bases. 

We will work closely with your team to gain an understanding of the demographic of your supporters so that we can design an itinerary that will be sure to engage your donors. Keep up to date with our latest itineraries on the Destinations page of our website.

We are so proud of the hard work that has gone into the $46 million raised for worthy causes in Australia, New Zealand, and further afield!

Enquire with us today to get your organisation involved, and be part of us reaching our long-term goal of $50 million raised before our 20th birthday - and beyond!

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