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The strategic advantage of planning for multiple fundraising adventures at once

In the dynamic world of fundraising, forging a lasting partnership with a purpose-driven agency like Inspired Adventures can be a game-changer for your community fundraising strategy. In our 19 years of experience, we’ve seen great benefits to charities who commit to multiple adventures at once, creating a community of trekkers whose advocacy for cause grows exponentially.

By creating a multi-year strategy, we are able to ensure we cater to every type of supporter and can use learnings from past campaigns to continuously improve. Committing to multiple charity challenges with Inspired Adventures means that together we can embark on a collaborative journey, to achieve the goals of raising awareness of your cause and brand recognition, building community, and raising vital funds to maximise your impact. Below, we will explore the benefits of locking in your adventures in advance.

1. Predictable community fundraising cashflow

First and foremost, we know how valuable it is for your community fundraising team to feel confident about their incomings so that they can reach their fundraising goals. The average Inspired Adventure raises $90,000, and particularly successful adventures can raise over $200,000. When you commit to more adventures in advance, you’re investing in an event that will bring your supporters together and pay for itself many times over.

With our average ROI of 5:1, you’re guaranteed an outcome that will leave your finance department cheering. Many charities see this as part of a larger fundraising strategy, such as setting the goal of $1 million raised through charity challenges by 2026.

Cherish Kilimanjaro

2. Tailored Adventures for Diverse Audiences

We understand that every charity has a uniquely diverse supporter base and that you know your supporters best. With our large range of itineraries, Inspired Adventures can find an adventure that will interest all of your supporters - across all age ranges, fitness levels, and time availability. When you commit to multiple adventures, we can plan for a range of different itinerary length, difficulty, and challenge type, which means no one is left without the perfect adventure for them.

Weekend trips, for instance, are the ideal fit for corporate partners looking to engage their employees in a meaningful way. The short duration allows for a quick getaway that fosters team building, promotes a healthy company culture, boosts morale, and leaves a lasting impression on employees. On the other hand, longer adventures tend to appeal to individuals seeking a transformative experience, providing a deeper connection to your cause and giving them the opportunity to tick an epic experience off their bucket list, like the Inca Trail, the Larapinta Trail, or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro.

3. Strategic Planning

When you’ve already planned multiple adventures for the future, it means you can start collecting expressions of interest in advance by advertising upcoming adventures on your website, social media platforms, and newsletters. Doing so will capture supporters of yours who may not be available for your next upcoming adventure, but who want to stay engaged to participate in future events. 

This advanced promotion strategy creates a buzz among your existing supporters, who are looking for an exciting opportunity to support your cause. This becomes a platform for storytelling, enabling you to share the impact of past adventures and build anticipation for what lies ahead. This continuous engagement serves as a powerful tool to foster a sense of community among your supporters, turning each adventure into a chapter of a shared narrative.

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4. Longer Lead Times, Greater Fundraising Potential

In the realm of fundraising, timing is everything. A long-term partnership with Inspired Adventures provides the luxury of extended lead times, a valuable asset for optimising fundraising results. This empowers your organisation to build robust fundraising strategies, engage with potential participants strategically, and leverage various channels to maximise impact. The journey to reach fundraising goals is a marathon, not a sprint, and having more time on our side allows for meticulous planning and execution.

A prolonged partnership provides the space for innovation, experimentation, and continuous improvement in fundraising strategies. It allows for the development of a nuanced understanding of your supporters, enabling the creation of experiences that resonate deeply and inspire a lasting commitment.

For Inspired Adventures, a long-term partnership with charities is not just about organising adventures; it's about co-creating a legacy of impact. By offering diverse adventure options, strategically planning, and harnessing the power of longer lead times, we aim to amplify the positive change your charity seeks to bring into the world. Together, let's embark on a journey that creates lasting memories, and leaves an indelible mark on the world.

5. Closing the Loop

Last but by no means least, an Inspired Adventure is about building a community, an alumni, a tribe of ordinary people who take on exciting challenges for causes they care about - all in the name of your organisation. 

The life-long friendships formed on your adventures are just the beginning. We often see teams organising annual reunions, or jumping on board together to join upcoming adventures for the same charity. This ongoing engagement is moving these participants up the donor pyramid, opening doors to new corporate partnerships, and turning them into major and bequest donors. Now that’s something that not all fundraising events can say!

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