Are you ready to be part of a movement that brings hope and support to those with breast cancer who need it most?



Are you ready to be part of a movement that brings hope and support to those with breast cancer who need it most?


Trekking for a difference.

Every step you take and dollar you raise will move Australia one step closer towards the National Breast Cancer Foundation (NBCF)’s vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

Will you join us?


Since 2014, NBCF's "Treks Towards Zero Deaths" has been a pivotal way to raise funds for world class breast cancer research. This initiative isn't just about hiking.

These treks are a testament to the strength and determination of our participants, who not only push their own boundaries but also play a crucial role in raising funds for breast cancer research.

They’re a journey across some of the most stunning terrains in the world, including the Great Wall of China, Mount Kilimanjaro and the El Camino.

Each step taken is a step towards understanding breast cancer, with the ultimate goal of stopping deaths from the disease. These Inspired Adventures for NBCF are a beacon of innovative fundraising, bringing together communities to help accelerate breast cancer research.

Together let’s Trek Towards Zero!



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Wicklow Way, Ireland: 21-27 May 2025


Crossing the Wicklow Mountains and finishing in Dublin city, The Wicklow Way is Ireland’s classic walking trail. Starting in the picturesque hamlet of Moyne, The Wicklow Way takes walkers through pretty little Irish country towns and villages where you can experience authentic Irish hospitality.

The Wicklow Way covers a variety of terrain from quiet country roads (boreens) to forests, mountain paths and bogs. The terrain can be demanding in sections but achievable for walkers with average fitness. If you do take on the challenge, you will be rewarded with fantastic scenery and a wealth of history, as well as legendary Irish warmth and hospitality. The Wicklow Way was the first way marked walking trail in Ireland, being formally established in 1980, and remains one of the country’s favourites. It is also part of a European long distance trek: the E8, covering 4,700km from Cork through Britain, Europe and on to Turkey.

Three Capes, Tasmania: 22-25 October 2025

Three Capes Tasmania

You'll explore some of its most spectacular sights over five fantastic days of walking and sightseeing on this adventure.

Starting from Hobart, you’ll quickly make your way to the wild, rugged start of the trek at Cape Hauy. From your nightly base in a comfortable lodge, you’ll explore some of the towering clifftops, flowering coastal heathland and rainforest pockets that make this one of the best trekking destinations in the world. From Crescent Bay to Shipstern Bluff to Mount Brown, each landmark is more spectacular than the next.

MARATHONS: 2025 - 2026


Are you ready to take on a marathon, whilst raising money for a cause close to your heart. Keep you eyes peeled for more information on dates, times and how to register.

OUR Success Stories

Tuscany 2024 - Total raised: $59,103

In May 2024, a group of National Breast Cancer Foundation supporters took on 100km of the beautiful rolling hills, olive groves, and vineyards of the Via Francigena pilgrimage in Tuscany, all in the name of raising awareness and vital funds for breast cancer research. The team bonded instantly and had a blast walking from town to town, taking in the sights and smells of the Italian countryside. Check out some of the stories from the amazing fundraisers:

Larapinta 2023 - Total raised: $60,748

In May 2023, a team of 10 NBCF supporters from all around Australia took on the challenge of the Larapinta Trail in the heart of Australia. Over four days, they covered 50 kilometres of intense terrain, from gorges and flats to mountain summits. This wasn't just a physical journey, it was a collective effort of preparation and dedication. Together, they raised $60,748 for NBCF, directly contributing to NBCF's vital vision, Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

The Larapinta Trail is more than a hike, it's a journey through some of Australia's most stunning landscapes. The team experienced the trail's unique beauty and challenges together, forming bonds and creating memories. This accomplishment is a celebration of commitment, not just to the cause but to each other as well.

This trek was more than a fundraising event, it was a testament to the power of community and shared goals, fuelling hope. The funds raised will fuel NBCF's critical research and initiatives, bringing hope and making a tangible difference in advancing breast cancer research. The team's efforts show that when people come together, they can make significant strides towards a world where no one dies from breast cancer. This is a celebration of their spirit, determination, and the positive impact they've made.

Tuscany 2022 - Total Raised: $134,285

Back in May of 2022, 15 remarkable individuals embarked on a journey to Tuscany, one of Italy's most enchanting cities (renowned for it's hills!). This wasn't just a sightseeing trip; it was an adventure that saw them trekking 100 kilometres over five days through both the city and the picturesque countryside, testing their training and determination.

This team raised an absolutely astounding $134,285.

Their effort is a celebration of commitment and unity. This achievement is something they can hold with immense pride, knowing every step taken and every dollar raised contributes significantly to the NBCF's vision - Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

This trek was particularly poignant as it marked the first group journey after COVID, making the experience of coming together even more special. It was a chance not just to travel but to travel with purpose, to reconnect after challenging times, and to collectively make a substantial impact. Their incredible effort in Tuscany stands as a testament to what can be achieved when people unite for a cause that truly matters.

Superstar trekkers

Simone Biggs

Meet Simone, one of our dedicated fundraisers registered for NBCF’s 2024 Tuscany Trek Toward Zero Deaths. Simone was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 and the Tuscany Trek will be Simones' third trek with NBCF! 

Simone participated in NBCF’s Mt Kilimanjaro trek in 2014 and the Great Wall of China trek in 2016, all to support breast cancer research. Simone said ‘’Throughout my journey I have found solace in knowing NBCF was there for me and my family, my treatment was tailored specifically to my breast cancer variant and tumour stage, using information provided from research. Knowing that NBCF were investing funds into world-class research and making major progress towards new and improved treatments all while raising awareness for early detection really brought me a sense of support. The research, awareness and friendships gained from being a part of an adventure on behalf of the NBCF emphasises the one and only goal we need to achieve – Zero Deaths from breast cancer.’’



Donate today to support world-class breast cancer research that helps people like Simone. 

NBCF – Trek towards Zero Deaths – Adventures

Caroline Mate

We asked Caroline a few questions about the upcoming Tuscany Trek, this is what she had to say!

"The 2024 Tuscany Trek has been on my horizon for a few years now – first in May 2020 (which was cancelled for obvious reasons) and then deferred for another year after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis myself in April 2022. I’d had work colleagues and knew of other women who’d been diagnosed and treated for breast cancer but having experienced it myself has bought the trek even closer to my heart!

The fundraising element of the trek is even more important to me now that I have a firsthand appreciation of the research that’s being done and having benefitted from treatments that weren’t available in the past. I can’t tell you how comforting it is to be told the breast cancer you have is a good one because the treatment has a high degree of success.

I’m really excited about the Tuscany Trek because I’m doing it with my friend from high school and it will provide us both with the fitness goal we need. It’s been a long time since I first visited the region in 1986 and I’m looking forward to the Tuscan scenery, culture and food."

about nbcf

Since NBCF's inception in 1994, the death rate from breast cancer in Australia have reduced by over 40% thanks in large part due to continued investment in world-class breast cancer research.

Ongoing research is the only way to better understand how to prevent and detect breast cancer early, how to stop the progression and recurrence of breast cancer, how to effectively treat hard-to-treat and metastatic breast cancers and ultimately - save lives.

All funds raised on NBCF Treks Towards Zero Deaths will go towards funding vital breast cancer research in reaching their vision of Zero Deaths from breast cancer.

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