Conquering Heights, Three GIANT Peaks And Raising $168K

GWS Giants Foundation

Amidst the rugged Australian wilderness, in the heart of Kosciuszko National Park, a remarkable fundraising adventure unfolded. The GWS Giants Foundation partnered with Inspired Adventures for an extraordinary fundraising challenge, tackling three of NSW's highest peaks. 

Coined "Three GIANT Peaks," the adventure saw a diverse team of 40 participants, including GWS Chair, Board Members, GWS players, supporters, LADDER CEO, youth from the LADDER program, and GWS sponsors, all coming together from various backgrounds. The astonishing $168,178  raised was directed to the LADDER program, supporting disadvantaged youth and families in Western Sydney. This adventure not only provided a unique and incredible experience for a few LADDER youth, many of whom had never ventured beyond their hometowns, but also united GWS supporters for a significant cause.

Inspired Adventures collaborated intimately with the GWS Giants Foundation team to achieve their campaign goals. In this instance, our dedicated Inspired Senior Campaign Manager, Holly Sherlock, helped facilitate this process, offering personalised support to seamlessly create this new and innovative initiative for the GWS Giants Foundation. 


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Three Peaks NSW 2024

  •          40 participants

  • $168,178 raised

  •   Avg raised per person $4,204

  • Engaging all different supporters



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Strategic Activity



Campaign objectives

This brand new event brilliantly achieved its key objectives: raising funds, uniting diverse groups, and building community spirit. Bringing together representatives from the AFL, major sponsors, members of the board and the foundation's supporters and staff, this event aimed to conquer not just the Three GIANT Peaks of Kosciuszko National Park but also to conquer adversity. The participants were handpicked, with the recruitment strategy designed to ensure a diverse and inclusive representation in the team, to strengthen a collective spirit for all those associated with the Giants Foundation and the GWS Giants. It was a collaborative effort to raise awareness, foster unity, and generate crucial funds to support social cohesion and inclusion, offering new opportunities and a brighter future for those in need. 


Team engagement

Team engagement was fostered through a variety of channels, including in-person training, insightful online sessions with the GWS coaches and VIPs, and a lively WhatsApp group. These avenues created a warm, unified atmosphere for the group, ensuring they were well acquainted and ready for the adventure ahead.

Adding depth to team engagement was the participation of young individuals from the LADDER program, the beneficiaries of the raised funds. This brought a profound significance to the adventure, highlighting the real impact of the fundraising efforts. It also intimately connected participants with the cause, making the purpose of the challenge resonate with everyone involved.


Long-term strategy

Acknowledging the success and team engagement in the inaugural Three GIANT Peaks adventure, the Giants Foundation is strategically focused on commemorating the team's accomplishments and sustaining the momentum. The Foundation is dedicated to keeping these participants motivated and connected, laying the groundwork for future Inspired Adventures, to expand upon this initial success.


A quick note from Sam, the Inspired Adventures Team Leader 

“The Three Peaks trek was an incredible time, everyone supporting each other and cheering each other on. Back at the lodge after trekking for 24 kms, the group came together to congratulate their inspiring achievements. Tears were shed and laughter was had! Everyone left with a feeling of accomplishment.”



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What the team loved


“It was amazing trip to walk that many km and to be one with nature. It was truly amazing to finally get off my phone and just have fun” - Tiago Gigi Correja, LADDER Program


“There were so many highlights; the mountain, views, instructors, group of people, and the format It was well organised, and lunch was great!” - Samantha Waters, Harvey Norman


"It was a phenomenal weekend, so much better than I could have ever anticipated. It was so well organised and we had the best weather. Thank you Inspired for everything" - Christine Hughes 



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