headspace's Exec Trek - Raising $51K and Conquering

Three of VIC's Tallest Peaks

In the ever-evolving landscape of corporate partnerships, finding avenues for genuine connection and meaningful engagement has become increasingly vital. headspace, a trailblazer in mental health support and advocacy, decided to break away from the conventional and explore a distinctive way to further foster connections with their corporate partners. This involved a fundraising adventure like no other, climbing three of VIC's tallest peaks with senior leaders and corporate partners, to build connections and raise vital funds for headspace.





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3 Peaks VIC 2023

  •          9 Participants

  •     $51,563 raised

  •   Avg raised per person $5,730

  •  Unique corporate partner engagement

Strategic Activity


So how did they do it? headspace focused on personalised invitations to their corporate partners, strong team engagement, and had their own leadership team involved on the trek. The opportunity to walk side by side on the adventure meant the building of genuine connection; a meaningful engagement that goes beyond a transaction. 

Because of the success of the initial Exec Trek, headspace is now hoping to make the Exec Trek an annual event, solidifying its place as a tradition that goes beyond the usual corporate engagement norms.



The headspace Exec Trek was tailored exclusively for corporate leaders. A personal invitation from the headspace charity representative was extended to VIP partner organisations, resulting in a targeted approach. Out of the 15 organisations approached, an impressive 8 senior leaders committed to the cause, demonstrating the power of personalised engagement.


Team Engagement

Beyond recruitment, the heart of the initiative lay in maintaining a strong connection with the participants. The charity representative played a pivotal role, ensuring constant communication throughout the campaign. Two Zoom calls prior to the adventure, where the entire team, including headspace's CEO, came together, further fuelled team spirit and commitment.


Leadership Involvement

Leadership commitment was not limited to words; it was exemplified through actions. The CFO of headspace participated in the trek, bringing a sense of unity and shared purpose. Moreover, the CEO's active presence in the team Zoom calls reinforced the importance of the initiative at the highest organisational level.


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“The Inspired Adventures team orchestrated a highly successful inaugural headspace Exec Trek. Their exceptional support, responsiveness, and overall ease to work with made the entire experience seamless. Despite unfavourable weather conditions, the trekkers had an extraordinary and memorable journey. Special shout out goes to our guide, Romana, whose wealth of knowledge ensured the trek ran smoothly and safely. We’re excited to plan the next Exec Trek and appreciate the outstanding collaboration with Inspired Adventures. Looking forward to another successful year! Thank you, Inspired Adventures!”  - Sarah Keane, Head of Corporate Partnerships and Fundraising at headspace


“Being outdoors, walking with like minded people“ 





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