The life-changing experience

of my first Inspired Adventure

By Bec Dipple

When I started working at Inspired Adventures a few months ago, I was immediately drawn to the mission of the company - working with charities and their supporters to put on an event like no other, trekking or cycling as a cohesive team to raise funds for an important cause. So far, my role as our Partnerships Coordinator has seen me speaking with lots of our charity partners, hearing about the impact of their organisation, and working together to find an Inspired Adventure that is the perfect fit for their supporters. 


While the role has already been incredibly rewarding, I was so excited when I was presented with the opportunity to join a team of White Ribbon Australia supporters on a three-day trek in Queensland’s Scenic Rim so that I could experience the magic of an Inspired Adventure firsthand. 

In June 2023, I set out with a group of 5 participants, who all had a connection to the mission of White Ribbon and were passionate about ending violence against women. The team have raised over $13,000 to go towards programmes that support this endeavour, and are continuing to fundraise post-adventure as well.

I joined as a Team Leader, a role taken up by our staff members and wonderful volunteers to ensure that the adventure runs smoothly from start to finish and to be a source of moral support on what is a very physical and emotional experience. A big part of my presence was helping to form connections between the participants who didn’t know each other; introducing them and finding commonalities. I was also there to provide space for the participants to share, if they wished, their stories and their connection to the cause. 

My project
My project (1)

In the lead-up to the adventure, I’ll admit I was a bit nervous about any hiccups that might happen along the way that I wouldn’t be prepared for, but I was so grateful to have a thorough pre-departure briefing with our travel team where I was given all the information I could possibly need. Once I arrived though, the atmosphere from the team was one of joy, excitement, and an instant feeling of support for one another. Our guide, Cai, was also absolutely amazing. He shared many stories about the land; its history and the flora and fauna. His presence and stories made the experience just that much better and his leadership helped to unify the team from the get-go.

We began the first day of our trek on Mount Cordeaux, and were rewarded with showstopping views of Main Range National Park, the Darling Downs, and the high-rise buildings of Brisbane off in the distance. It was a fabulous start to the adventure as we all got to know each other while immersing ourselves in the wonder of the Scenic Rim. The experience just continued to get better and better from there. 

Even from the first hours of the trek, I was blown away by the participants’ openness, vulnerability, and willingness to share their personal stories and connections to the cause. The team all acted with such kindness and generosity to one another and we had many conversations about White Ribbon Australia and the important work that they do. This made for a very emotional experience, even more emotional than I had expected. On our second night at dinner, we had a debrief about our day and everyone took turns to share how they were feeling. Tears were shed and gratitude was deeply shared.

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For me, the most meaningful part of the adventure happened on the second day, when we’d reached the summit of Mount Mitchell. This achievement was really the pinnacle of emotions and experience for the team, where it was felt that all of the fundraising and physical training that they had been working towards together had led to this moment. We sat at the top of the mountain eating our lunch, taking in the views, and sharing how proud we all felt at making it here. It was truly unforgettable and I am so grateful that I had the opportunity to witness and take part in this.

Team leading my first Inspired Adventure was an experience that I’ll never forget, meeting such an inspiring group of people and getting to know one another in the most spectacular landscapes. I had entirely expected to come home feeling drained from the experience, both physically and emotionally, but instead, I came back feeling elated. I was on a high all weekend and wanted to share my life-changing experience with my partner and friends. 

Witnessing first-hand the impact that these adventures have on our participants made me realise how these experiences are so much more than just your typical trek. There are so many additional layers of meaning for everyone involved and it truly is a life-changing experience for many. I can’t wait to Team Lead my next adventure and get to do it all over again!


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