Why You Should Make Your Next Trip

an Adventure Fundraiser

What if you could have a special travel adventure, the kind that sees you summiting mountains, sipping wine in Tuscany and mingling with the locals, while also giving back to the locals and the planet?

Travellers are increasingly wanting to travel better and do more good, which is why adventure fundraising has taken off in recent years. 


But wait, what is an adventure fundraiser?

An adventure fundraiser is a multi-day guided travel experience, where you sign up for a physical challenge in a destination of your choice – it could be a hike across the Australian Outback, climbing to Everest Base Camp, or cycling your way across Tuscany all while raising money for charity. It’s both an incredible opportunity to push yourself in new and exciting ways, while giving back too.

Here’s why you should make sure your next trip is an adventure fundraiser. 

1. Make new like-minded friends

Travel just brings people together like nothing else, and even more so when you’ve accomplished something with a group of former strangers-turned friends. On an adventure fundraiser, you’ll meet like-minded people who share the same passion for the cause as you do, and get to celebrate the highs and lows together.  

2. Embrace slow travel 

You could jump in a van and tick off 10 destinations in a week, but where’s the fun in that?  When you’re trekking or cycling your way across a destination, you’ll spend days exploring an area that many might only visit for perhaps just a few minutes. Not only does this give you a chance to mingle with the locals, it gives you a deeper understanding of how they live, while also reducing carbon emissions. Win, win! 

3. A more sustainable way to go 

Travelling using your own momentum – whether by foot, pedal or paddle –  and travelling as part of a small group are great ways to reduce your carbon footprint and minimise your impact on the environment. With Inspired Adventures, you’ll travel with groups of 25 or less, so that we can leave a minimal carbon footprint, and support smaller, locally owned businesses.

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4. Let someone else handle the planning 

Don’t like the idea of having a million tabs open and dropping pins all over Google Maps? Joining a small group tour means you don’t need to organise transport, accommodation, most meals, or activities. Instead, you can sit back and relax knowing that the logistics are all handled and that you’re getting a quality experience without spending hours doing your own research.

5. Meet expert guides with local knowledge

Want to really get to the heart of a destination? Go with an expert. With Inspired Adventures, you’ll be joined by an expert guide from the get-go, who can share local stories as well as the best places to check out, and share recommendations for local hangouts. 

6. Go safely

We know that when you're travelling, particularly when taking on a challenge, safety is of the utmost importance. Group travel means you can trust your local guide to help keep you safe. In addition to booking reputable accommodation and transport, your guide will be sure to brief you on the appropriate clothing and gear for each day, and help you to navigate challenging sections of the itinerary safely. 

7. Budgeting in advance

When you book a small group tour, you know exactly what you’re getting – which allows you to budget for other things in your trip, like additional meals, add-ons and souvenirs, more easily. 

8. Make a difference to a cause close to your heart

A core part of an adventure fundraiser is working towards a fundraising goal and to make a real difference to the charity that you are supporting. No matter if the charity is funding life-saving medical research, providing housing or food supplies to people who are struggling, or investing in environmental conservation, the funds that you raise will make a significant difference.

9. Challenge yourself

Our adventurers come from all walks of life, but they have one thing in common: they are choosing to challenge themselves to try something new. Whether that’s trekking for the first time, fundraising for the first time, travelling solo for the first time, or simply travelling to a new place for the first time. An adventure fundraiser will leave you feeling incredibly proud of yourself and all that you have achieved, a feeling that you can’t get from a standard, relaxing holiday.

Ready to leap into an adventure fundraiser? Check out our range of trips here.

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