From Peaks to Plates: OzHarvest Challenge in 

Southern Alps, New Zealand

In the breathtaking Southern Alps region of New Zealand in March 2024, 14 passionate charity supporters embarked on a remarkable trek in support of OzHarvest and their fight against food waste and hunger. Led by none other than their visionary Founder, Ronni Kahn, and joined by a team of like-minded OzHarvest supporters, staff, and a Team Leader from Inspired Adventures. The Southern Alps adventure was a deep-seated commitment to a meaningful cause. Each day, the group trekked rugged terrain, each step symbolising hope, determination, and relentless pursuit of a world where no one goes hungry. The team raised an incredible $71,665, in support of OzHarvest. Every single $1 raised will enable OzHarvest to deliver 2 meals to vulnerable Australians.


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Southern Alps New Zealand 2024

  •          14 participants

  •      $71,665 raised

  •   Avg raised per person $5,118






Mary and Rebecca; A dynamic duo of fundraising


Each of our participants has a unique connection to the cause. We're putting the spotlight on two fundraisers, Rebecca and Mary, who raised an incredible $15K for OzHarvest. Rebecca and Mary have volunteered for OzHarvest for many years and shared; "Having personally witnessed the transformative impact of OzHarvest during our time accompanying their vans, we've been moved by the stories of individuals and families facing daily struggles. These are ordinary people, just like us, alongside families, single parents, and children, who lack even the most basic necessities and a secure place to call home. It serves as a poignant reminder that every dollar we raise directly aids those in need through the incredible work of this charity."

Their fundraising initiative was primarily driven through their workplace, with Mary being the owner of a dental practice where Rebecca also works. Adding a touch of creativity to their fundraising efforts, they decided to write the name of each donor on a sticky note, which they then proudly displayed on the walls of the dental office. Over time, these sticky notes covered the walls, forming a vibrant tapestry of community support and generosity.





A special start to the adventure


Their adventure commenced with a 'Cooking for a Cause' initiate, where surplus ingredients were transformed into gourmet meals for the less fortunate. Collaboratively the team salvaged food that was destined for disposal and crafted wholesome, homemade dishes distributed via Christchurch City Mission. The experience fostered a sense of community right from the beginning. It underscored the profound influence of collective action and highlighted the fundamental yet impactful mission of organisations like OzHarvest and their counterpart, KiwiHarvest.




Strategic Activity


Campaign Objectives


  • Fundraising

The numbers alone tell a story of remarkable success. Through determination and unwavering support, the trek raised an impressive $71,665. This staggering sum, averaging $5,118 per participant, was a testament to the generosity and commitment of supporters. With each step taken, funds flowed in, paving the way for countless meals to be rescued and redistributed to those in need.


  • Community Cohesion

Beyond the funds raised, the adventure served as a catalyst for community cohesion. From seasoned staff members and leadership, to community supporters, they were united by a common purpose. Against the backdrop of New Zealand's mountains, bonds were forged and friendships created. 


  • Awareness and Advocacy

The adventure also served as a powerful platform for raising awareness and inspiring advocacy. Engaging with a diverse group both within and outside the OzHarvest community, participants shared stories, insights, and firsthand experiences. Through meaningful conversations and educational initiatives, they shed light on the critical issues of food rescue operations and the urgent need for sustainable practices.




The OzHarveset Southern Alps Trek recruitment plan was crafted to reflect their core values of inclusivity and commitment to community service. By selecting participants from a range of backgrounds including staff, volunteers, community partners, and supporters, the campaign aimed to authentically represent OzHarvest's diverse community. This approach wasn't just about filling spots; it was instrumental in fostering unity and teamwork across different demographic groups. The campaign recruitment strategy utilised targeted communications and digital marketing across social platforms. 


Team Engagement


In the lead up to the trek, meticulous planning and enthusiastic involvement paved the way for impressive fundraising achievements. The team dedicated themselves to a series of training sessions, both online and in-person, led by seasoned trekkers and inspiring talks from the OzHarvest's leadership. To keep everyone connected and motivated, a lively WhatsApp group served as the team's virtual hub, offering continuous updates and support. Adding depth to their journey, participants had the chance to directly engage with the beneficiaries of OzHarvest's programs. These interactions added another layer to their fundraising efforts, allowing them to witness firsthand the tangible impact of their contributions on individuals and communities in need.



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What the team loved

What were the highlights of your Inspired Adventure? 


"The people! Including the Inspired Adventure staff leader in attendance, Lucy!" - Laura

"The team support, the tour guides and places that we visited" - Cindy

"The amazing NZ scenery and views on the hikes and spending time with all of the lovely OzHarvest people and other fellow supporters." - Anonymous participant


How did it feel to fundraise for your chosen charity?


"Very inspirational, so happy to support OzHarvest in their goal for nourishing our country and reducing food waste." - Cindy

"A great way to get out of my comfort zone and explore new opportunities in fundraising." - Anonymous participant

“There were so many highlights; the mountain, views, instructors, group of people, and the format It was well organised, and lunch was great!” - Samantha Waters, Harvey Norman

"It was a phenomenal weekend, so much better than I could have ever anticipated. It was so well organised and we had the best weather. Thank you Inspired for everything" - Christine Hughes 



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