Climb for Cause: $124,278 raised for Property Industry Foundation

Scenic Rim, Queensland Adventure


In April 2024, a dedicated group took on the exhilarating challenge of summiting two peaks in the beautiful Scenic Rim, Queensland, all in support of Property Industry Foundation (PIF). PIF has a clear and powerful mission: to combat youth homelessness by increasing the number of homes available for homeless youth. The funds raised for this adventure was specifically focused on their Haven Project. The Haven Project builds premises for well-established youth homelessness charities which then operate them. The team's collective effort was nothing short of remarkable, raising an astounding $124,278 for the project and organisation. 


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Scenic Rim, Queensland 2024

  •          16 participants

  •     $124,278 raised

  •   Avg raised per person $7,767






Unique Highlights of the Adventure


What set this adventure apart was the unique touches organised by the Inspired Adventures and PIF teams. 

  • This challenge was especially demanding as it involved tackling two mountains in a single day, a feat which is typically spread over two days. This one day challenge added an extra layer of intensity and excitement for the team.
  • PIF organised for young people impacted by their initiatives to speak at the team dinner ahead of the adventure. This allowed participants to hear firsthand how their efforts were making a difference.  Many team members mentioned that this was an incredible way to put a face to hard work and deepen their connection to PIF.







Strategic Activity


Campaign Objectives


Property Industry Foundations (PIF) fundraising adventure mission was to raise funds for their crucial projects, such as the Haven Project. This project focuses on  building premises that will then be operated by selected charities that tackle youth homelessness. In addition, PIF aimed for the adventure to create a unique networking opportunity for key stakeholders in the property and construction industry. By bringing together industry leaders PIF sought to strengthen engagement and foster ongoing advocacy for their important work, to further their long term impact.



Off the back of the success of their 2022 fundraising adventure, which raised $284,781, PIF used the same tactic of leveraging personal connections when approaching their 2024 adventure strategy. The PIF CEO and team members made direct personal requests to the CEOs of some of Australia’s top property and construction companies. Many of these executives were already familiar and engaged with PIF as committee members, board members, or active participants in the industry and networking associations. By engaging leaders who were already invested in PIF’s Mission, they were able to build upon these existing relationships and secure significant support. 


Outcomes and future engagement

The team's fundraising result of $124,278 was outstanding and surpassed the goal PIF had set. Beyond the impressive funds raised, the adventure provided a valuable opportunity to network and advocate for PIF’s projects with key stakeholders. Participants were left with a deeper interest in PIF’s mission and initiatives. This has paved a way for future engagement with the organisation. 







What the team loved

What were the highlights of your Inspired Adventure? 


  • “It was a rewarding and fulfilling experience, I felt supported by the wider team in the lead up to the event. The guides were also well informed and friendly.”


  • “The Scenic Rim guides were lovely, knowledgeable and ensured that the large team felt supported.”


  • “Beautiful scenery and making new friends and memories.”



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