Recruiting for your fundraising adventure

Five expert tips for success

Embarking on a charity fundraising adventure with Inspired Adventures is not just about conquering new heights or traversing foreign landscapes. It's a journey that brings like-minded individuals together, driven by a shared purpose to make a positive impact on the world. Recruiting participants is crucial to ensure the success of your charity's fundraising adventure. After all, each participant raises an average of $5,400 for your cause, so spread the word and maximise impact.

Here are some top tips to help you recruit for your adventure.

1. Know your audience: Be specific in your approach

Understanding your target audience is the cornerstone of any successful recruitment strategy. At Inspired Adventures, we've found that our average adventurer is 49 years old, with a noticeable skew towards females, but your supporters may fit into a different demographic. The destination that you have chosen will also impact your target audience. For instance, challenging itineraries like the Kokoda Track or the Annapurna Base Camp often attract a younger crowd, whereas a moderate domestic itinerary is more accessible to your supporters of all ages. Tailoring your approach to your identified demographic is key. Consider crafting messages and marketing materials that resonate with the life experiences, interests, and motivations of your audience.

Reach out to potential participants through channels that align with their preferences. Utilise social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, where your target demographic is likely to be active. Personalised email campaigns have been our highest lead-generating marketing activity. If you have a segmented mailing list, take advantage of that and create different versions of your electronic direct mail (EDM) to capture each audience in a way that’s most likely to resonate with them. Including a mention of your upcoming adventure in all communications to your donors is a great way to remind them about the exciting opportunity, however we find that single-minded EDMs are most successful in generating interest. Make your communication compelling and visually appealing to capture their attention.


2. Define tangible outcomes of participation

People are more likely to commit to a cause when they understand the tangible impact of their efforts. Clearly define the outcomes that the fundraising adventure aims to achieve. Whether it's building schools, providing healthcare, or supporting environmental initiatives, communicate the specific goals your charity is working towards.

By articulating these outcomes, you empower potential participants to envision themselves as part of a team making a real difference. Highlight success stories from previous adventures and adventurers, showcasing the positive change resulting from past fundraisers' collective or personal efforts.  Dollar handles and case studies are particularly compelling, allowing your leads to see how far their fundraising efforts will go. When individuals can see the impact they can have, they are more motivated to join the adventure and contribute to the cause.

3. Timing is everything: Plan ahead for success

Launching your recruitment efforts at the right time is crucial for success. For international adventures, launch your campaign at least 10 months in advance, allowing participants ample time to plan, fundraise, and train. Domestic adventures typically require an 8-month lead time for optimal results.

Timing plays a role in overcoming potential barriers to sign-ups. By starting early, you allow potential participants to manage their schedules, plan their fundraising, and mentally and physically prepare for the adventure ahead. Create a sense of anticipation by strategically unveiling details about the adventure pre-launch. This will ensure that as the launch date approaches, you already have several people who are excited about the prospect of the adventure and have already given the idea some thought.


4. Consistent Messaging

To maximise your recruitment efforts, embrace an integrated marketing approach. Utilise EDMs, social media, and other online platforms to reach a wide audience. Consistency is key - send the EDM at least two more times after the initial launch to overcome the inertia that often accompanies decision-making. As part of the standard Inspired Adventures package, we’ll provide you with four unique EDMs, and provide marketing strategy to help maximise your results.. All you need to do is copy and paste our provided HTML EDMs through your mail provider!

Share engaging content on social media platforms regularly, showcasing the excitement, challenges, and impact of your fundraising. Leverage the power of storytelling to connect with your audience emotionally. Use a mix of media, including photos, videos, and testimonials, to paint a vivid picture of the adventure and the positive outcomes it can achieve.

Remember that 30% of participants are likely to sign up for subsequent adventures with your charity. After the conclusion of the adventure, nurture these individuals by maintaining regular communication and expressing gratitude for their ongoing commitment, encouraging them to sign up for your next fundraising adventure. This dedicated group has the potential to generate additional fundraising, invite friends and family along to join them on future adventures and to spread the word about your cause. In fact, we often see people commit to the next adventure before even returning! That’s the power of an Inspired Adventure.

5. Amplify your message with authority

Having a recognisable face participating in your adventure can significantly boost your recruitment efforts. Consider involving your CEO or a well-known ambassador to spread the word and drive motivation to sign up - your participants will get to trek or cycle alongside this special person! This not only lends credibility to your cause but also creates opportunities for your ambassador to participate in media appearances to increase awareness about your cause and your upcoming adventure.

In conclusion, recruiting participants for your charity's fundraising adventure with Inspired Adventures requires a strategic and personalised approach. By understanding your audience, defining tangible outcomes, timing your launch effectively, embracing an integrated marketing approach, and leveraging known representatives, you can build a strong and committed team that will not only conquer physical challenges but also make a lasting impact on your charity.

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